Ahem. Yesterday Kate, Simon and I begin the second leg of our Cross-Canada Adventure: for those who don’t know, last summer I decided (for better or worse) my kids (and I) needed to drive across the country on the Trans-Canada. I decided they (we) needed it to be Canadian. I decided they (we) needed it to be a better family. I decided they (we) needed it because the only way to really see the world is to get out and take a look, and it’s a lot easier to do that in a car then it is in a plane. They decided driving across the country is long and boring. I won the argument, but they haven’t changed their minds.

Heading east last July we spent a few days in Quebec with a  final destination of  Aspotogan along the Lighthouse Route of Nova Scotia’s South Shore. For those who live in (or love) Newfoundland and the rest of the Maritimes, you will insist this we haven’t finished going east, but certainly this is a good first step.

The Reader’s Digest version, for my sanity and yours:

There were matching hats and holding hands.

holding hands

Dancing through walkways,


and whatever this is.

wall kung fu

There was a beach house,

beach house

with unobstructed views


and rocks we could only see when the tide went out.

high tide

We waited for waves in the coldest water

cold water

that normally fussy children forgot to complain about.

okay to be cold

We threw sand,


walked on rocks carved by receding glaciers

old rocks

and saw tall ships in the city.

tall ships

We discovered that barn swings are more fun than park swings,

but couldn’t find any sand dollars at Sand Dollar Beach.

sand dollar

That didn’t seem to matter though,

no one cared

to anyone.

ice cream

It was perfect.


Yesterday we arrived in Calgary, on a plane, but we weren’t trying to see anything we flew over (this time).  From here we drive west until we hit the ocean. Just like last year.