**My arm is stupid after I decided to drop something heavy on it. The pictures are talking because words hurt right now. I’m fine, but will complain if encouraged.

***If it doesn’t look like me or my children, it isn’t. No I’m not pregnant.

This summer has been big, in all ways possible. Big fun, big challenges, big life. The challenges come from two children who are rapidly becoming real people, who take up the same space, physically and mentally, as any one else. The big fun comes from tagging along while all the Big happens.

There were big chairs.


Big lego.


Big tubes.


And big water.


There were big hills.


Big summits.


And big fences.


We traipsed through big streams.


With big slime.


We caught big cray fish.


Built big bridges.


And big castles.


There were big trees.


Big towels after big rapids.


And big, beautiful bellies.


Mostly it was big happy.

But sometimes it wasn’t. (no picture necessary).

Sometimes it sucked. Okay, sometimes it fucking sucked. Sometimes I wanted to give Kate and Simon to another family, abandoning the plan only when I recognized that at 4 and 7  it would be harder to find “takers”. Sometimes summer is too big.

And then your children hug.


And hold hands waiting for the bus on the first day of camp.


And it isn’t about big things anymore.



It’s about small things.


And coffee.