The stockings were hung by the chimney with care

stockings, made by nana

And the tree is all trimmed, waiting patiently there.

patient tree, 2010

The children are bathed, clean faces,

clean kate, 2010

 clean skin

sort of clean simon, 2010

Too excited to sleep, desperately waiting for “him.”

Oh my, what was the that, ringing bells and light paws…

It’s too early, they’re awake, what if it is Santa Claus?

A little excited and a little afraid, two curious children discussed how those sounds were made.

They tiptoed downstairs, daring to look, what if Santa was there, would he stay, would he book?

But alas he was gone once they came down the stairs, a letter confirmed he’d dashed off, not leaving his wares:

dear kate and simon

“Go to sleep Kate and Simon” Santa explained in his note, “I can’t come ’til you’re sleeping, can’t empty my tote.”

A small gift was left, in good faith if you will, with a pledge to return, but as you know not until…

Two little children get tucked into beds

hard sleep, squeezing santa's goodwill gift.

And sweet, joyous dreams, explode in their heads.

simon, er, exploding?

Peace to all of you and those you love!