I love Toronto because all you need is a direction of travel and a well-timed transit system, and two kids can be pleased for an afternoon.

(If you’re really lucky, you might even get the seats at the back of the street car).

"look mommy, the red train" said simon.

The back of the street car holds similar cache to the back of the bus, but without the bumps. At the back of the street car there are WINDOWS (there are windows all over the street car, but to my little people, these ones are particularly special). At the back of the street car you can sit on your knees and look out of the WINDOWS. It’s intense.


I love Toronto because local malls are tourist malls, and tourist malls have crazy shit that suburban malls don’t. Like really big fountains.

fountain. duh.

Apparently touching scummy water is good fun. Apparently my kids need to get out more.

dirty water, 2010

I love Toronto because when Simon and I go out for pizza and sit at the counter, we see more truck/auto diversity than anywhere else (that we’ve been).

no, nestea is not better than pop. whatever.

I hate Toronto because parking is stupid.