This morning I slept until 11am. I didn’t mean to, it wasn’t planned, and Marc had to work from home to accomodate my obviously frail constitution. About 1/2 way through this episode of Law & Order, I dragged my sorry self out of bed and went to the bathroom. That’s about all I did today. That and make dinner. I think the littles need a bath, so I might give them one of those.  *high five*.  

Forget about today, let’s talk about yesterday – yesterday was a good day. Yesterday I was in top form. Yesterday I wasn’t exhausted (apparently). Yesterday I made pancakes. 

using a fork to eat without a fork - ingenious.


Does this look like the family of an exhausted Mother? 

yes our stove is in the corner. yes that's a stupid place to put a stove.


I don’t think so either. One can’t suffer from Exhaustion for a day -right? One is Exhausted. One takes therapeutic waters and other such treatments to recover from Exhaustion – right? If I was fine yesterday I can’t be Exhausted today, which means today was a blip and tomorrow I’ll be better. Right? 

The last time I slept until 11am I was childless and it totally didn’t count because I went go to bed until 3am meaning I actually got a regular amount of sleep at an irregular time to get it.  I need another chance to make it right:  I need another chance to sleep until 11am on purpose and enjoy it. For this and several other reasons, I declare this day void, and for the rest of my life there will be no January 26, 2010.  Since I’ve lost a number of days to boring professors and driving examinations, I think losing one more won’t make much difference. I think this is a good idea. I think this is such a good idea I’ve decided to take my imaginary, assumed power and bestow it upon the rest of you so that you may also delete days from your life, beginning anew the next morning. 

Be warned, while this is a great power it is not all-powerful: if you plan to test it out by going to work naked, people will remember the next day. Just because you cancel a day doesn’t mean other people will.  Be wise. Just saying. 

Tomorrow I will make pancakes. Tomorrow will be better.