Phew, that week went by quickly.  All the presents, visiting, more presents and more visiting – with the occasional just-chocolate-for-breakfast mornings, really stole the time right out from under me.  The last few days life resumed some of its normal pace, but seemed painfully quiet by comparison.  So great was the post- Christmas let down for Kate and Simon that on the 27th (we party hard until Boxing Day), they complained of having nothing to and just wanted to jump on the bed and play with the broken crap they already have.  Great.

Marc and I filled up the quiet moments with lots of arguments about putting soggy towels the dog slept on back in the bathroom to be used by yours truly.  Apparently he didn’t remember leaving it on the floor.  That was his whole argument: “Andrea, I don’t remember leaving it on the floor.”   It was then that I emitted some animal-like sound that resembled something like whothefuckcaresifyouremember, when he said it again “Andrea, I don’t remember leaving it on the floor, it could have been anyone’s towel.”  This my friends is an advertisement for why gun control is necessary.  Our next “discussion” was over the value in peeling carrots over the sink, leaving the skins to break down and form soil – I mean that had to be his plan right? What do you call leaving carrot peels in the sink for hours with no apparent plan to dispose of them (= being lazy and having a wife).  When I explained to Marc that I have no plans to use the sink as a flower pot, he looked so completely perplexed I knew it was best to end the conversation there lest the poor lad catch on fire for thinking too hard.  Fighting over the holidays seems like a tradition in most families, so I feel like we were simply adding to the festivities – you know.  Clearly we’re a festive people.

It’s late now, I have no pictures ready to post and a there’s a huge, long, complicated rant about Scooby-Doo rattling around in my brain: dammit Velma, why did your artists make you stout with a less-feminine hair cut and an intellect “the rest of the gang” found annoying?  What the hell did Daphne ever do anyway?  I think she’s Fred’s beard.  Whatevs, I’ll finish that later.

I’m that interesting, I know you’ll all be holding your breath waiting for the full Christmas De-brief.  Try to have some fun in the meantime.