again, wordpress is pulling a fast one with formatting snafus in the form of missing snaps.   i think it’s been fixed and since it’s christmas, i won’t tell you to send them hate mail. 

The children were nestled, all snug in their beds

spy photography = blurry/yellow photography

dreaming of "things that go" - blurrily.

While visions of toy mountains danced in their heads.

don't choke, it's not all for the children


Me with my scotch and Marc with his gin, had no wrapping to do and tucked right on in.

better than cookies and milk

 The challah is cooling (the baby ones too),

egg bread makes *the* best french toast evah!

and with St. Nick all done there’s just one thing to do-

Sit by the tree and cuddle up tight, and wish you the Happiest Christmas with much love tonight!

no flash + smile-less marc (he said smiling makes him look dorky, this is better?) = gorgeous

May peace and joy be with you and all your loved ones this holiday!