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Unbelievably, Marc made it home from his office party the other night not just by 11:00, but before.  I’m still recovering. 

Just before 10 Marc sent me this text message:


i needed my gift card, sue me.

Oh stop feeling sorry for him, I needed to get a gift card from the coffee chain the Educational Assistant in Kate’s class purchases TWO extra-large coffees from every day.  I tried to get one at the mall that night, but apparently they were all out once they realised they had to go to the back room to get one:
Me: I’d like to buy a gift card please.
Stupid Cash Person: Sure, what denomination?
*Before I have a chance to answer*
SCP: *to other Stupid Cash Person – Stupid Cash Person 2* Hey do you know where the gift cards are, I don’t have any here.
*SCP and SCP2 commiserate, looking up at me suspiciously*
SCP: I’m sorry, no gift cards.
Me: Really, you’re out of stock?
SCP: Out of stock?
Me: Yes, out of stock?
SCP: Um, I, er, guess so.
Me: Will you be getting more?
SCP: More?
Me: Yes, more?
*SCP looks at SCP2, frightened*
SCP: No, no more.  We might not be selling them anymore.
Me: You might not be selling gift cards anymore?
SCP: *Ignoring question* Would you like a coffee?
Me: Can you put some whiskey in it?
SCP: Pardon? 

Me: *defeated* Nevermind,  Merry Christmas. 

*SCP smiles appreciatively*
SCP: Yeah, Merry Christmas to you too.
Being that this coffee shop is reasonably prolific, knowing Marc would be passing two on the way home from his party, and the reality that if I didn’t get in that night I wouldn’t have it for the last day of school, I asked him to pick one up for me.  See, easy.  It was my duty to remind him, I mean can you imagine what I would have said if he’d forgotten?  By thinking only of myself I was really thinking of Marc, you know.  Obviously he was hurt by my callousness so I did my best to soothe his fluid-filled lungs:

who wouldn't want to come home to a lady like me!

The bottom two bubbles continue the conversation from the first text picture.   Text picture?  Can there be such a thing?

Marc sauntered in at 10:30 with a big smile and the elusive gift card.  What a great guy, I mean I am one lucky gal!  I would have kissed him, but his face was frozen from WALKING HOME.

There is a chance (certainty) I snorted when he told me of the impossibility of getting a cab at 10 – “Come on Andrea it was 10, how could I get a cab at 10?”  There is no responding to that kind of crazy (I mean I certainly didn’t want to encourage it).  I went upstairs to wash my face so I wouldn’t use the gift card envelope to give him a zillion paper cuts. 

Marc did win a Blu-ray player though, so he can stay.  For now.